Losing Our Edge

Losing Our Edge, my newest novel, is the sequel to my first two books, 1995’s Our Noise and 1997’s Geniuses of Crack, both of which were published as paperback originals by Simon & Schuster.

Losing Our Edge revisits a number of the characters, seeing where they are twenty years later and discovering what’s happened with their lives.

A tough and honest look at what the passing of time does to romance, friendship, and dreams, Losing Our Edge shows that you can go home again—you just might not like what you find when you get there.

Get Losing Our Edge in print or electronic formats from the following:

Or visit losingouredge.com for more information.

The Slows

The Slows is my loop-based electronica project. The most recent Slows record is called “Nuvvles.”  It was produced by Ray Peterson and was recorded at Cuesta Verde Audio. Previous records were Hotel Czechoslovakia and Be Patient or Be Something Else.

Listen or buy at iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and Bandcamp.

Self-Inflicted Aural Nostalgia

Guided By Voices are my favorite band, and I have a podcast that will eventually take an in-depth audio tour of each of the band’s twenty-five studio records.

In each episode I talk about how each LP was made, the songs it contains, its sound and where it fits contextually into the Guided By Voices universe. New episodes are being posted every two weeks.

Here’s an episode:

Listen to current and past episodes, or subscribe to futures ones, at everygbvlp.com.

Beside Myself

Beside Myself was an interactive novel for the iPad. When it was launched in 2012, Kirkus called it “a canny study of split personalities, family and roads not taken.”

The app is no longer available, but you can order a print version (Amazon, Barnes & Noble), download the novel as a PDF, or read it at the besidemyself.com website.

Player Hater

Player Hater is guitars, drums and singing, mostly done by me. The most recent Player Hater record is So Were We Once. It was also produced by Ray Peterson and was recorded at Cuesta Verde Audio. Previous records were Deal and This Didn’t Happen.

Listen or buy at Bandcamp.